More pictures from the steelyard

This really looks like a boat now. Many details in place. The bow area has been done with its solid roof ‘conservatory’. The windows are cut. The stern cupboards for gas cylinders etc. have been added. Even the curly upright hand grips have been made. We are very nearly ready for ‘craning in’ on Friday. Very exciting.

A & L 38

A & L 39

 A & L 41

A & L 42

A & L 43

A & L 44

A & L 45

A & L 46

One thought on “More pictures from the steelyard

  1. It would appear that this skiff is not only propelled by oar blades, but also by suction disks at the end of spring levers. And its keel (by the looks of your photo – may very well..) travel on three steel rollers at the same level…One might assume that you will not be navigating on water, but on dry land!


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