Foam and mushrooms

Another week, and more progress! The boat has been spray-foamed and boarded internally. The ‘mushroom’ air vents have been inserted into the roof, along with the two wifi dome aerials which are located either side of the second mushroom back from the front. These deliver 6dBi of wifi signal and will select either the broadband in a marina or the 3G/4G signal when out and about.  And here is the boarding being loaded. This is just the backing chipboard. The American ash panels will be fitted later when everything else is ready.

 Spray foaming is the only part of the job that MGM subcontract. Here is the spray foamer’s van:
  This is the interior after everything was coated in foam:
   The spray foamer then had to shave off all the unwanted foam:

  The foam, of course, is our insulation. The most common question we get asked about living on a narrowboat is: isn’t it cold in winter? Well, once the central heating and the solid fuel stove are running, it gets too hot in winter! That is largely due to the spray foam insulation, which means that the boat retains heat really well. Many is the snowy night when we have had to open windows and side hatch to keep the boat at an even temperature. It’s really lovely to be so warm and yet so close to nature.

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