Lined Sailaway

A “lined sailaway” is a boat which is spray-foamed and board-lined internally, and has an engine fitted, so could in theory be sailed away. Froth has reached that point, although the engine has not yet been turned over. She has, however, been moved into the shed for the next phase of work.


IMG_4048This shot illustrates the lining, with the various layers clearly visible:


And here is the interior of the lined sailaway:


We were excited to discover that painting has already begun, with primer on the sides and non-slip paint on the gunwale and the roof. Mark and Rachel have spent most of the week doing prep for the painting – filling where necessary and generally ensuring the sides are smooth. All this in the searing hot temperatures that they’ve endured inside the boat shed this week.



We explored all over the boat…

IMG_4042…and at one point Louise stepped on what looked like a solid deck, which turned out to be just cardboard!

She put her foot through but fortunately wasn’t hurt.


Finally, we inspected the engine, a Vetus marine diesel. Much more detail on that in a future post, but for now we will comment that it is extremely clean!

Notice Nick Thorpe’s mark in the engine compartment. Looks like Froth is his 89th boat.

One thought on “Lined Sailaway

  1. She’s looking sweeter and sweeter every day. With the walls are getting thicker and thicker and the interior getting narrower and narrower I’m wonder wear your going to put the Pianocktail?


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