Bye Bye Battleship!

jul10-5It’s hard to describe the feeling of boarding Froth now, but this picture conveys something of the impression. As we stood in the bow well deck, in what will be our ‘conservatory’, we got that sensation of being on the canal. The still waters, the views of nature all around, the calm.

Part of the reason for the increased sense of atmosphere is that the boat’s battleship grey has now been replaced by a cream undercoat, giving it a much more homely feel:


Added to this, the interior has been fully boarded out with its backing boards, and is now ready for the American White Ash boards that will cover walls and ceiling. We even have the first bulkhead room divider, that separates the kitchen from bedroom 1:


The wires hanging down are the ones for the wifi. This picture gives a sense of the nice grain of the wood:


It is amazing how much wood goes into a narrowboat! Here are some of the Ash panels for Froth being moved into the workroom:


The panels stacked behind Mark are all ours too:


And there is yet more white ash in another shed, planks this time, also destined for our boat:


Given all this interior preparation, we have been hard at work this week trying to choose fabrics, tiles and flooring. We have had to decide on: upholstery on the seat in the cratch (bow well deck) area; tiles around the fire; curtains in the living room; blinds on the kitchen window and stern portholes; working surface in the kitchen and bathroom. We will also have to decide on flooring at some point, and have begun looking at catalogues but not reached a decision yet.

Anyway, we tried various combinations of tiles and fabrics and surfaces. We were helped by a visit to Whalin Upholstery in Pinxton, who specialise in narrowboat furnishings:


There we found a nice curtain fabric for the saloon:


That will blend well with the ‘Sable’ covers for the seat in the cratch, and helped us to decide on brown and cream tiles around the fireplace. We had already decided on ‘grape’ (purplish) blinds for the kitchen and portholes, and have a green and white colour scheme for the tiles. We also have a working surface that picks up white, green and purple in subtle ways. So, it is all coming together!

It was an exciting visit yesterday. The boat is already starting to feel like home.

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Battleship!

  1. She certainly looks less battelshippy. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the look of the interior. Also curious about the hull’s final color and your graphics treatment for the name. Until then, I’m on the lookout for my next installment.


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