Well, well, well deck!

The well deck on most narrowboats looks like the one in these pictures from our previous boat (under construction):


BoathAs you can see, there are some quite steep steps leading up to the deck. This is because the water tank is under the deck itself.

‘Froth’ is quite different: the water tank is located around the edges of the well deck area, thus forming some bench style seating. This clever arrangement allows us to walk straight through, with no steps, giving us a kind of ‘conservatory’. We will have a removable table in the middle, a glass panel at the front, and a transparent plastic cratch cover which allows views all round, This will be a really lovely space for sitting out and dining and watching the water.

The rectangular hole at the front is the access panel for the bow thrusters. There is no bow storage beyond that, so the gas bottles and other things one might normally find in the bow area will be located in special cupboards on the stern deck.

IMG_4156 IMG_4157 IMG_4158

The solar panels arrived this week:


and the plumbing has been installed:


But the most exciting thing is that the room dividers (bulkheads) are now in place. Here is a video walkthrough:

The American White Ash is already starting to look beautiful:



Rosie seems to be settling in!





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