What’s cooking?

Today’s visit to the boatyard revealed progress mainly in the kitchen.


The cupboard directly ahead will house, in descending order: the wifi modem, the oven, and the washing machine. The oven has arrived:


It is big enough to cook a turkey at Christmas!

The various cupboards to the side will give plenty of storage. We were called in mainly to make a decision about the one nearest the saloon (at the near end in the picture).


Access to this will be from the saloon side, we decided, giving Louise a crafting cupboard.

The saloon area looks big, but it will soon fill up.


To the right of the door will be the solid fuel stove, and to the left the television cupboard. This (we decided today) will join onto a narrow cupboard running back to the covered radiator, which will be located near where the workbench stands in the picture.

Finally, the shower tray is in:


It’s full size, and looking good!

Once again, the boat is taking shape all the time. It has a lovely feel when you’ve been aboard for a few minutes. Martin is hard at work on the carpentry and there will probably be quite a few more posts like this one before the look of the finished interior begins to appear.

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