Feel the power!

We’ve been promising a post about the engine, and here it comes! But, first things first, today’s visit showed a lot of carpentry under way and the arrival of a few bits and pieces. Delivery of some of our fittings has been delayed by the problems at Calais. Those events are having such a knock-on effect across the country. But the windows are here. They are the large type with the small opening window at the top. On our previous boat, the catches that held the small windows in place never fitted properly. These look very snug. Martin (holding the window here) tells us that the window maker continuously improves his design. We do like working with real craftspeople.


The portholes have also been delivered, but they are still in their bubble wrap:


We have opted for an ‘Algodon’ surface for the kitchen and bathroom. It’s very hard-wearing, nice and bright, and, we are assured, will not show smears and dirt. It is an acrylic surface made by Avonite. Here is the product page on their website. And here is a photo of a piece for Froth:
IMG_0941And so, we turn to the thing without which we would be going nowhere! This is the Vetus Marine M4.45 engine:


It’s a keel-cooled, 4 cylinder diesel engine delivering 42 horsepower, along with twin 110A alternators. The installation comes as a package that includes a 55 kgf bow thruster kit, propellor, stern gear, dry exhaust, sine wave inverter (3000W, 12V-230V, 50Hz), battery charger for 3 battery banks, starter battery, control panel, and all relevant connectors, hoses, etc. The bore is 3 5/64″ x 3 3/32″ and the capacity is 1758 cm³. Full tech spec is here. The engine is so quiet that its  compartment does not need sound insulation.

We can’t wait to get this started and to feel the power!

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