Progress on all fronts

The good folk at MGM have been working flat out and there is progress on all fronts.

In the galley, we see the work surface going into position. The clamps are holding it in place while the glue dries:


The lacquer is being applied to the walls in the saloon:


The brass windows and portholes are in place throughout:


The bathroom is also well on its way to completion.

For those interested in such matters, we have opted for a cassette toilet, rather than a pump-out tank. We had a pump-out on our previous boat, then changed to cassette and much preferred it. Although emptying cassettes is not exactly pleasant, lying on top of a tank full of excreta is an even less agreeable thought, and if you get iced in it can be a real pain not being able to reach a pump-out station.

The toilet is ceramic:


And the shower is better than anything we’ve had in any of our houses!


Here are some views of the back bedroom. The blue calorifier on the left will end up in the engine compartment.


The electrics cupboard has been fitted:


And here is a view down into the bedroom from the back deck:


And finally… a teaser! Here you see Froth’s bows poking out from the boathouse. If you look closely, you will notice the beginnings of the exterior paint job. This has in fact come on a lot, but we are going to save the photos for a ‘big reveal’ in a later post. It just would not be right to show an unfinished job. Suffice to say it is going to look amazing!


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