Details, details…

Despite work being about 4 weeks behind schedule (no real surprise there!) we are getting ever closer to the day when Froth will be finished. 

It’s time for me to start thinking about what we need to make the boat habitable. My first purchase was a rather splendid whistling copper kettle, because if I can’t make tea we aren’t going anywhere.

We commissioned to make our crockery. We were rather taken with the spirals and the bicycle motif. It seemed appropriate to have ‘Pataphysical time machines* on our plates and mugs.

Yesterday I realised that we hadn’t allowed a space in the galley for a rubbish bin. An insignificant detail until you need it. So I had a quick think about where one could go and went off to the boatyard to confer with Martin. We agreed a solution that I’m really happy with.

Now it’s time to make a list because my head is full of things I need to get in preparation for our maiden voyage, which we anticipate will be at the end of October. The move to our mooring at Market Harborough will take about 3 days, but from experience I know a good pub or 2 en route could easily double that.


* If you feel the need to know about spirals, bicycles and time machines, please ask Andy.

** I’m struggling with apostrophes and capital ‘P’s so please forgive me  – I’m just a ‘Pataphysician’s wife and I’m doing my best! 😀

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