“Canal time”

We have a phrase – “canal time” – which we use to describe the difference between the length of time things should take and the length they actually do take. On the canals, things always move slower than you could imagine. Sometimes it’s because of distractions (pubs, most often!) and sometimes it’s to do with factors beyond one’s control. Quite often, it’s down to people moving more slowly, as if the pace of life on the canals affects everything we do.

Anyway, the fitting out of Froth is suffering from “canal time” at the moment and it’s getting a bit frustrating for us, as we wait eagerly for things to be completed. There always seems to be more to do: an additional door needs making; something doesn’t quite work correctly; a delivery is awaited; and so on. We are so close to completion, yet it seems as though there is another week, or two, of work to be done. After that, who knows, there may be more! We are hoping all will be finished by Andy’s birthday on the 21st of November, but if we are still moored at MGM at Christmas we would not be surprised.

But, on the plus side, the boat is now out of the shed and floating on the canal, which allows us these fabulous views:



IMG_0097 IMG_0095

She really is a beauty and attracts many appreciative comments from passers-by and visitors to the boatyard. Here is a movie of the boat, passing from bow to stern:

And here are a couple of views down the roof from the tiller position:

IMG_0088 IMG_0087

So, we watch and wait while the many extra items inside get sorted out. Canal time. More news to come when we have it!

One thought on ““Canal time”

  1. I love the way the brass hardware looks with that gorgeous green paint. I feel your frustration, and actually think I can hear it in the sound of your voice on the video. Ahhh – soon you’ll both be relaxing on board with the sound of water lapping against her hull, sharing a meal together – and you’ll know the extra wait made the moment all that much more special. She’s beautiful.


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