Packhorse Bridge to Taylor’s Bridge

Day 2 of our maiden voyage, and we already feel as though we have been living aboard (again) for years. Some aching muscles after the exertions of yesterday doubtless accounted for the more leisurely start. We set off at about 9.15, in weather that was very similar to yesterday: overcast, windy, mizzly. The first lock was upon us very quickly…

photo 5

Today was mostly about locks, in fact. Our familiar routine is for Louise to work the lock gear while Andrew drives the boat. This sometimes attracts adverse comments from gongoozlers (people who stand around watching, and generally criticising, narrowboaters), because it looks as though Louise is doing more hard work. Well, we may change roles one day, but in the meantime this is our way of doing things (for several reasons) and it works for us!

Anyway, here are some movies about going through a lock:

And here is Louise posing in the centre of the balance beam!


The locks seemed to be filling very slowly, until Andy spotted that the ground paddles, which at first glance seemed to be permanently shut, could be opened using a BWB key. The lock was very well hidden round the back!

photo 14

Once we opened these, our voyage sped up considerably.

We encountered some obstacles on the way, not least this car:

photo 15

It is actually moored to that bollard! Perhaps it is a former James Bond test vehicle…

The weather got worse toward the end of daylight (around 4 p.m.), so we decided to moor up at Taylor’s Bridge, just a little way short of Kilby Bridge. That is our first target for tomorrow, because we need to empty toilets and take on water.

photo 2

Rosie update: she began the day with much more confidence than yesterday, and it built as the day went on. She is now leaping on and off the boat with no problem. This picture shows her tied up at a lock, but we have now stopped doing that and she roams free. She is absolutely fine: the only problem is she will go and say hello to everyone who walks past!



3 thoughts on “Packhorse Bridge to Taylor’s Bridge

  1. I love the way Froth glides along. For such a long boat moves with elegance. Hey, only one video is linked to the images – I mention this because I want to see more!


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