Leicester Ring Day 3: Hillmorton to Hawkesbury Junction

We woke up to a lovely sunny morning and a cheery tweet from the Hillmorton lock-keeper:


We soon met lock keeper Kevin – yet another delightfully helpful and friendly Canal and River Trust volunteer. He and his friends are doing some splendid restoration work. We promised we’d share this link to their site http://www.hillmortonlocks.co.uk/


Love the carving on the these lock gates:


After completing the flight of 3 locks without incident we set off up the Oxford canal. We were soon driving through Rugby, but you don’t see much of the town because the canal is a green artery crossed by many road bridges:


We continued through the short tunnel at Newbold and continued on through miles of open countryside. Who said England was full?

Rosie has her ‘sea legs’ now. She travels along on the roof of the boat and confidently jumps on and off when we stop. Perhaps a little too confidently, because she is now leaving it very late to hop on when we set off and is going to misjudge her leap and fall in soon I think!IMG_1957

We had to stop to dispose of our rubbish, fill up the water tank and empty the toilet cassette. Here is Andy setting off to do his chores:


We’d forgotten how few mooring spots there are on the Oxford canal so we ended up traveling much further than we’d anticipated. By the time we moored up for the night at Hawkesbury junction it had got extremely windy and driving the boat was becoming a bit of a challenge. We are now on the Coventry canal and a full day ahead of schedule.



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