Leicester Ring Day 6: all the way to Fradley

This was the view from the back bedroom porthole when we awoke at 7.00:


A beautiful sunny day. Time to get going!

We travelled almost continuously for 8 hours today, and made it to Fradley, just south of the junction with the Trent and Mersey Canal. Most of the trip was just great cruising in beautiful countryside. We did go through some towns: Polesworth, Tamworth (two locks here), Whittington (pretty place) and a few smaller villages, but the real highlight was our stop at Alvecote marina. We went there to fill the diesel tank and buy a new gas canister, but we ended up marvelling at this:

Nb Dane was built by A. P. Boatbuilding for The Narrowboat Heritage Foundation. This is doing great work with young people in particular. The boat itself was quite magnificent, as you can see from the video. We were several hours too early to see the craning in, but here is a picture from the NHF Facebook page:


Alvecote marina is a busy place, with several old working boats around:

Refuelled, we pressed on. The canal was festive today in many ways. We passed the Tamworth Cruising Club summer gala, resplendent with bunting and many different boats:

We also had to put up with a small day-hire boat crammed full of drunken revellers zig-zagging all over the place in the name of fun.

Tomorrow will be something of a rest day and we will press on again on Monday. This will be a relief to Rosie, who looks quite exhausted!




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