Leicester Ring Days 10-12: Zouch to Cossington

It has been a stop-start few days, so a daily blog seemed a bit superfluous. But then, looking back at all the pictures, it seems as though we have accumulated rather a lot. Perhaps a post should have been written sooner! Ah well, here goes…

The story is that we first travelled the fairly short distance to Loughborough. This included a stop in the basin to use the facilities and take on some shopping:

Carrying on through the town, we then moored up for the rest of that day and most of the next at a central location right by the railway station (Louise needed to catch a train). That evening we had a takeaway curry from a little restaurant around the corner. It was truly great! I actually went back to thank them for the food (one drawback of our marina mooring in rural Northamptonshire is that authentic curry houses are rather thin on the ground).


The next day we moved on to a more rural spot some way out of Loughborough:


Today (Sunday) we travelled through several locks to arrive at designated moorings near Cossington. The reason for being here is to be poised for a lock-free trip tomorrow morning to MGM Boats at Thurmaston, where we will stay for several days while the team carries out various ‘tweaks’ that have arisen over the past few months.

However, this is just the outline of the trip. Here are some pictures and movies of sights we saw on the way. Many of the most striking were riverside dwellings, which come in all shapes and sizes, and from the highly expensive to the decidedly low cost:

The church at Normanton-on-Soar was especially striking:


We picked up a passenger for some of the way:


We continued to navigate some potentially difficult waters. We are not entirely sure we like river cruising, to be honest. We prefer the safety of the canals.


And yet again we tackled some formidable locks. Here are some movies showing our trip through Barrow Deep Lock:

Barrow-on-Soar was an enjoyable place, full of activity. We stopped for water…IMG_2422IMG_2423

…and saw a dragon-boat go past, as well as lots of day-trippers in hire boats.


Froth acquired some froth…


But mostly it was just beautiful cruising through fabulous countryside:


This evening we took a stroll down the towpath past Junction Lock (the last lock we came through) where the river turns back into the Grand Union Canal, for a while. The evening sunlight lit up the trees beautifully:

This is not the end of our voyage, but it is a definite break. We don’t know when we will set off to complete the ring. It may be more than a week, depending on how things pan out. So, it will be some time before the next blog post, dear readers. The weather forecast for the nest few days looks pretty good, so enjoy the summer!

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