Leicester Ring, Days 13 – ?: Thurmaston

It was a week ago now, more or less, when we left the mooring at Cossington and travelled the short distance to MGM Boats at Thurmaston. Here is Froth lying in her current mooring:IMG_2472

Seen from the opposite river bank…


It’s a bit hard to figure this out from the pictures, but we are in a “linear” mooring (i.e. lying along the river/canal front) on a spit of land which resembles an island. Here is the northernmost end of the ‘island’, just a few feet from where we are moored. The water lies either side of the tree. We are moored to the left of the picture, out of shot.IMG_2476There is a small community of live-aboard boaters, some of whom have been here for 30 years. There are rubbish, toilet, water and electrical facilities on site and it is very secure.IMG_2475

And, of course, there is the MGM boatyard:mgm

We are awaiting completion of various bits of work that need doing. It was always part of our plan to make this stop, but other events in life have changed the way we are approaching this extended interruption to our journey. Indeed, the ‘Leicester Ring’ voyage itself seems increasingly irrelevant, hence the question mark in the blog title.

The reason for all this is that Louise’s mother has become seriously ill. It’s a worrying time for everyone. Since all her treatment is due to take place in Leicester, we are now ideally placed to spend time with her and visit hospitals etc. MGM are being very relaxed about our being here, and are obviously going to take a long time to carry out the work, so we’ll just have to see how events unfold over the next few weeks. But life is so unpredictable at the moment that it wouldn’t surprise us if we ended up staying here for quite a long time.

It’s pleasant to be able to step out onto grass rather than a pontoon. We have lovely views across to Watermead Park, which provides excellent walks for Rosie.


Plus, we have a city which we know well (having lived here for 30 years) on the doorstep. Last night we were able to have an Indian meal made of various savouries and sweets purchased on the Melton Road, which is possibly the best street in the UK for Indian food (although that claim would be highly contested by other locations). Nature is in abundance here. Yesterday we saw a grass snake swimming upstream.

Since this is a river mooring, we have tall posts with rings to which to attach the boat in case of rapidly changing river levels. Our current mooring belongs to someone else, but they are out cruising at the moment. We are assured that, when they return, space can be made for us to remain, which is very kind of MGM.

So, to summarise: life is dictating our situation at the moment. We don’t know when we will be moving on, either to return to Yelvertoft or to do something else. All we can do at the moment is to ‘go with the flow’. It is one of the joys of narrowboat living that we can live anywhere, so this is not so much of a challenge as it might at first seem.


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