Flash Floods on the River Soar

Yesterday turned into a rather exciting day. Mid afternoon, the thunder rolled in and brought with it torrential rain. We have mentioned before how unused we are to river cruising. Of course, we are now moored on the River Soar and, unlike a canal, the levels rise and fall. Louise was driving back from Market Harborough when she encountered these road conditions:

This gave a hint of what was to come. The river levels rose very rapidly and the water, which had been quite slow moving, sped up alarmingly. Here’s a video describing the scene:

We had to move the boat backwards in order to be sure to attach it to sliding rings that could rise with the water.

And for the first time ever, we had a use for the gangplank!


If it were not raining so hard, it would have been a good opportunity to touch up all the paintwork, so battered after three weeks’ travelling. But all we could do once the boat was secure was batten down the hatches and sit indoors to watch the ever-rising water levels. For a while, it looked as though the water would cover the pontoon and the boat would be floating free, attached only to the tall poles with rings. But, much to Louise’s disappointment, in the end the water peaked just below the top of the planks and by this morning had subsided back to a normal level.

Still, it was an exciting evening. It’s great to see the Leicester flood defences working well and impressive to watch the river in fast flow. It also had a purgative effect, carrying large amounts of rubbish away downstream. Today feels clean and fresh.


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